The Glorious Corner: Sony Hall, Randy Bachman, Joel Diamond, Author Mark Bego and More

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Sony Hall
By G. H. Harding

BACHMAN AT SONY HALL — I’ve always been a Guess Who fan. “These Eyes,” “Laughing,” “No Time,” “American Woman” … just timeless classics. When Bachman (actually pronounced as Back-Man) split from the group, they went onto to have a massive hit with “Share the Land” and Bachman did a few albums with a new outfit called Brave Belt, which scored with a few terrific albums. I never knew why the split occurred, but weird stories about lead singer Burton Cummings and Bachman’s early-religious belief were thought to be the reason why.

Bachman went onto to form Bachman Turner Overdrive, with Fred Turner, and had enormous success with their “Taking Care Of Business” and my favorite track by them, “Let It Ride.”

Randy Bachman

I saw a video of Cumming and Bachman re-uniting and performing snippets of their hits along with an ongoing dialogue about how, when and where. It was just terrific and when I was invited to see Bachman last week at SONY hall, I jumped at the chance.

Bachman came onstage to rapturous applause and immediately launched into a dialogue about The Guess Who; pretty similar to what he did on the video, but terrifically informative. The four-piece band, with Bachman’s son Tal on guitar, was pretty competent, but the vocalist who tried to duplicate Cumming’s pitch-perfect voice, came close, but, listening to him, I thought again of what a marvelous vocal Cummings has had and how it was much missed.

Interestingly, the two recently reunited and did a tour billing them as Bachman Cummings.

“Let It Ride” and “Takin’ Care of Business” were both delivered perfectly and Tal’s “She’s So High,” was great and a major highlight. Tal had a major hit nationwide with that track in 1999.

Still, it was a great show; though Bachman did the whole show, save for the encore, sitting.

He’s a great storyteller and if you are as much of a fan as I, it was splendid.

Ken Dashow, from NYC’s Q1043, introduced him and seen in the crowd were WOR’sTom Cuddy; PR-pasha David Salidor; Brad and Blake Joblin from The Ridgefield Playhouse; photographer Jeff Smith (thanks for the photos); Peter Abraham from the Blue Note SONY Hall, and, Billy Amendola from Modern Drummer. Great show for sure.

Wendy Stuart Kaplan at Woodstock
Joel Diamond
Author, Mark Bego

SHORT NOTES — Filmmaker Wendy Stuart Kaplan’s film Whispers and Witnesses was shown at Friday’s Woodstock Film Festival. Here’s her interview with Times Square Chronicles’ Magda Katz: … Happy Bday to Debbie Gibson and David Salidor; with Salidor celebrating at The Palm in East Hampton … That new Stephen Bishop (We’ll Talk About It Later In The Car) album is out, waiting for my copy from his PR-man Michael Jensen … So sad about Valerie Harper. She’ll always be our Rhoda… Congratulations to Barry Fisch, who I went to college with, joins My Father’s Place as General Manager. Good man and great photographer. Guitarist Les Dudek appeared at the club last week. Dudek is a visionary guitarist who’s played with everyone from Boz Scaggs, to Dave Mason and the Allman Brothers and Stevie Nicks. Here’s his review of the show: What a great show! Over two hours of guitar driven music, opening with an acoustic set. Spanning his entire career from working with Allman Brothers, Stevie Nicks, Steve Miller, and many more. So much power and energy coming from the power trio on stage I thought he was going to blow hurricane Dorian back into the Atlantic Ocean … check out this story on Graham Nash: … and, from Showbiz 411 colleague Roger Friedman: … And, this Thursday in LA; celebrity author Mark Bego’s next book, Living The Luxe Life, written with hotelier-Efrem Harkham, gets its launch party at Harkham’s Luxe Sunset Hotel. expected are: Knight Rideractress Rebecca Holden; producer Joel Diamond; “Band of Gold” singer Freda Payne; Alison Martino; and Tina Malave from KABC. Details and photos to follow.

“Living The Luxe Life”

NAMES IN THE NEWS — Barry Fisch; Tom & Lisa Ciddy; Jeff Smith; Ken Dashow; Scott Muni; Zach Martin; Efrem Harkham; Barry Zelman; Alison Martino; Donny Kehr; Robert Funaro; and, CHIP.

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