The Glorious Corner: “The Orville”, Doobie Brothers, Don Johnson and More

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“The Orville”
G. H. Harding

ORVILLE DOCKED — The Orville is setting a dramatic new course. 

(From TV LineAfter two seasons on Fox, Seth MacFarlane’s sci-fi epic will move to Hulu for Season 3. In making the announcement at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, MacFarlane also revealed that the third season will not debut until late 2020.

“The Orville has been a labor of love for me, and there are two companies which have supported that vision in a big way: 20th Century Fox Television… and Fox [network], which has been my broadcast home for over 20 years,” MacFarlane said in a statement. “My friends at the network understood what I was trying to do with this series, and they’ve done a spectacular job of marketing, launching and programming it for these past two seasons. But as the show has evolved and become more ambitious production-wise, I determined that I would not be able to deliver episodes until 2020, which would be challenging for the network. So we began to discuss how best to support the third season in a way that worked for the show. It’s exactly this kind of willingness to accommodate a show’s creative needs that’s made me want to stick around for so long.”

That same sentiment was echoed by Carolyn Cassidy, 20th Century Fox’s President of Creative Affairs. “Fox Entertainment has been a fantastic home for The Orville,” she said, “and their willingness to support the show’s move to Hulu is incredibly appreciated. They really are great partners to us on so many shows and this is one more example. We’re thrilled as a studio to find this creative solution which is so meaningful to Seth and keeps the show on track to continue entertaining its millions of fans.”

While The Orville‘s move to Hulu will certainly come as a surprise to fans, the delay between Seasons 2 and 3 should not. After all, they waited nearly 13 months for the series’ sophomore run following the end of Season 1.

Well, this is a most unexpected development. I love the show and essentially, this move will kill it, as most viewers we spoke too, will very definitely not pay for another streaming service. It’s a real shame as this show was excellent in every way. 

Wonder if MacFarlane’s decision to participate in the ongoing The Loudest Voice (on Showtime) had anything to do with their decision. That’s the terrific epic on Fox’s Roger Ailes. Really a shame.

Don Johnson

BRIDGES AGAIN — When Miami Vice was on TV and spearheading everything from music to fashion, star Don Johnson was interviewed and in the interview he made a claim, which has stuck: Don Johnson was made for TV.

Johnson is set to reprise his title role in a revival of his TV-show Nash Bridges, which is in the early stages of development at USA Network. The revival is currently slated to be a two-hour special, but producers hope it’ll serve as a backdoor pilot for a full series relaunch.

The original Nash Bridges was created by Carlton Cuse (Lost) –and, an credited Hunter Thomson- and ran for six seasons — a total of 122 episodes — on CBS, between March 1996 and May 2001. Cuse, is not involved with the revival.

On the original series, Johnson’s Bridges was an inspector (and later captain) with the San Francisco Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit. Cheech Marin played his partner, Inspector Joe Dominguez. Additional cast members throughout its run included James Gammon (as Nick Bridges), Jodi Lyn O’Keefe (as Cassidy Bridges), Jeff Perry (as Harvey Leek), Jaime P. Gomez (as Evan Cortez), Annette O’Toole (as Lisa Bridges), Serena Scott Thomas (Kelly Bridges), Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (as A.J. Shimamura), Mary Mara (as Bryn Carson), Kelly Hu (as Michelle Chan), Yasmine Bleeth (as Catlin Cross), Wendy Moniz (as Rachel McCabe) and Cress Williams (as Antwon Babcock).

Johnson is currently the only original cast member attached to the revival, which is still a ways off from a series order

After Vice,Bridges was a welcomed return for Johnson. Bridges was a more lighthearted romp thanVice, but still featured great music; amazing guest stars; and, Marin was a total delight. There was even a reunion with his Vice-co-star Phillip Michael Thomas which was very well received.

I’m a Johnson fan, always have been and this looks simply delicious.

Kjertsi Taylor
Doobie Brothers

SHORT TAKES — Race Taylor starts Monday on CBS FM at 10:00 AM. Glad to have him back … 12-year old Kjertsi Taylor’s debut album, Stronger Than You Think I Am, was officially released Friday and got her first review from Digital Journal on Saturday. And, it was a rave. Check it out: … Robert Miller’s Project Grand Slam is back with the new album, PGS7, featuring their terrific track “Get Out.” They play Thursday, August 1 at the Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA, along with Earth, Wind & Fire … Sunday’s CBS This Morning had two great stories on Mike Wallace and ZZ Top. Didn’t know Wallace started his career as a TV-pitchman; then segued to 60 Minutes. Wallace was a legend and for quite some time, pundits said the worst four words ever heard were Mike Wallace Is Here. A new documentary with that title is out soon. And, ZZ Top: has there ever been a more successful band. Great piece … Watched the PBS Special The Doobie Brothers at the Beacon Theater and just loved it. To me, the Doobie were always just a passable band, but this show, reprising all their hits, was spot-on. “Jesus Is Just Alright”was simply awesome. Turns out that the DVD and CD of the show is on Rhino and their Jason Elzy just sent a set to me. Just terrific. Highly recommended … and, I don’t know how you feel about David Crosby; was he just lucky, a serious musician; or, what? His performance with Crosby, Stills & Nash, at the Universal Amphitheater decades ago, showed him totally zoned out, but when it came time to sing, he was spot-on. He’s been in jail; went through kidney transplant, but for the last decade, he’s lived a normal life. He’s done four new albums in five years. There’s a new movie, by Cameron Crowe, on him that is supposed to be excellent. last week he made the rounds of media and on Jimmy Fallon, he performed “Long Time Gone,” that was simply marvelous. A tale of redemption? Perhaps, but there is new life in him. Check out his performance here: 

David Crosby

NAMES IN THE NEWS — Van Dean; Jeremy Long; Markos Papadatos; Julie Machover; Eppy; Ken Kohl; Tom & Lisa Cuddy; Robert Miller; Randy Alexander; and, CHIP.

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