Tim Allen Talks Toy Story, Tom Hanks and Being 21 Years Sober

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In an exclusive photo shoot and interview with Parade, the Toy Story and Last Man Standing star talks about his beloved space ranger character, Buzz Lightyear, coping with comedy and celebrating his sobriety. In accompanying exclusive video, Allen tells us three things we didn’t know about his co-star Tom Hanks.

Beyond the Toy (Story) Box. Allen, who’ll make his next appearance as Buzz in Toy Story 4 (in theaters June 21), says the popular Disney-Pixar franchise, which debuted in 1995, has always resonated “deeper than a child’s story. It’s an adult story about friendship and acceptance.” As for the new installment: “It’s really a big story about unwanted things and unwanted people, and everything belongs to somebody,” he says. “You know, nothing is worthless.”

Little Troublemaker. The third of six siblings, he learned early “how to manipulate the system,” watching “what my older brothers would screw up.” He remembers a childhood chemistry set that was taken away when he used it to start a fire in the basement. “Of all the kids, I was the most trouble,” he says.  

Comedy Relief. Following a stint in prison for cocaine possession after he got out of college, Allen turned to stand-up comedy. “Comedy is my coping mechanism. I don’t really like people that much,” he says with a smirk. “To keep them at bay, you make jokes, and they laugh and walk away.”   

Clean & Sober. In 1998, Allen entered rehab after being charged with a DUI. Today he’s a happily married family man with a wife and kids, and a thriving movie and TV career. He meditates (“I can get myself so wound up in worrying or stress and I just gotta sit still”) and strives for the right balance between work and family (“I constantly feel like I’m underachieving in both”). But ask him what he’s beaming about at any given moment and he might just say this: “I’m going on 21 years sober—that’s the biggest blessing of my life.”For more about Tim Allen, see Sunday’s Parade or go to Parade.com.
What are three things you didn’t know about his Toy Story co-star Tom (Woody) Hanks? Go to Parade.com/allen to watch Allen’s hilarious video answers.

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