TMW Interview: New York-Based Artist Eva Mueller

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Eva Mueller

M.A. Cassata

One of the brightest and best new  artists on the scene is German-born Eva Mueller. She’s done several music projects (Green Day; Nadia Ali; Roger Sanchez) as well as a series of shows at art galleries in Brooklyn. Photography and art has always played a part in music and fashion and Mueller’s work, which has been called adventurous and authentic, is right up there. Her next show is April 6. We sat with her for a conversation in her Bushwick studio.

Q: Give us a bit about your career trajectory.

A: I started out at the Design and Art Direction in Germany with an eye on photography. As soon as I arrived in New York in 1990 I immersed myself in photography. Fashion was my passion then and also a lot of music photography. I shot for magazines like Details, Harper’s Bazaar and many other style magazines in New York, London and Germany. As far as my music work goes I sot for most of the big labels, mostly DJs and musicians from the EDM genre. From 1995-2005 I lived and worked transatlantic between New York and London. After that I centered myself in New York, still shooting fashion but I found myself producing more and more fine art work. My commercial work shifted from fashion to portraiture. My move to Bushwick in early 2012 sealed my path in fine art photography. It’s such an inspiring artistic community there; rough around the edges. It reminds me of my early New York days.

Q: You’ve had a number of exhibitions; when is the next one?

A: My next solo show Flowers & Chocolate is opening April 6 at Art During the Occupation Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.

Q: Painting, photography … what’s your favorite medium?

A: Photography and sometimes video. I don’t paint unless its part of a series, such as Black Face where I painted peoples faces black and photographed them close-up, so no racial reference could be inferred.

Q: You’re from Germany … right? How did you wind up in NYC

Green Day

A: I didn’t see a bright future for myself in graphic design or advertising in Germany. New York was a dream for me. I moved to New York to fulfill that dream and never looked back.

Q: What are some of your favorite projects you’ve worked on?

Nadia Ali

A: Black Face, a take on racism and prejudice. I presented it as part of a 3 artist show at Odetta Gallery in Brooklyn in 2016. GenderFuck, a portrait series of non-binary, non-gender conforming individuals. It was a solo show at Leslie Lohman Museum for Gay and Lesbian Art in New York City.

Q: You have one photograph book out already, right? Are there plans for more?

A: I have one book out currently it’s a small out of print edition of a commissioned series of my abstract work, shot in Rio de Janeiro in 2010. I’m working on a limited edition artist book for Flowers & Chocolate.

Q: What’s the one project that you want to do; but, haven’t as yet?

Roger Sanchez

A: It’s called Happy Ending, a small series of large photographs. That has been on my to-do list for 7 years. Its time!

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