TMW Turns Back Time With A Look At The Legendary Cher’s Top 10 Hits

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By Joanne Grana

Cher has had a hit in every decade of her long career. Her music is ageless and timeless much like the icon herself. From “I Got You Babe” to “Believe”, her music is revered by people of all ages.

Just recently, because of Cher’s album of ABBA cover songs Dancing Queen was such a hit with her most loyal following, she tweeted a second ABBA cover album is in the works.

 Read on as TMW counts down Cher’s Top 10 Hits from Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

10.  “I Found Someone” 

From the self-titled album Cher. Released in 1987 peaked at #10. Nominated for MTV Music Awards for Best Female Video.

 9.  “After All” (Duet with (Peter Cetera)

From the album Heart of Stone. Released 1989.  Featured song in the movie Chances Are.  Peaked at #6 and ominated for a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for best original song.

8.    “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)”

 From the album The Sonny Side of Cher. Released 1966.  Peaked at #2.  Cher recorded a rock version of the song with Bon Jovi. The track is featured on the 1987 album titled Cher.

7.  “Just Like Jesse James”

 From the album Heart of Stone. Released 1989. Peaked at #8. During the Farewell Tour, Cher said it was not one of her favorite songs to sing because it’s “a lotta words”.

6.    “If I Could Turn Back Time”

From the album Heart of Stone. Released 1989.  Peaked at #3.  The classic music video was filmed onboard the USS Missouri. As Cher recalled to Q magazine: “We shot the videos for days. There was a whole story… When the director got to the edit, he just said, ‘F this, here’s the  money (shot)’ – me on the battleship with the sailors. They were real sailors too. They were funny. They kept calling me ‘ma’am’.” 

5.    “Dark Lady” 

From the album of the same name. Released 1974.  Peaked at #1 on the for one week and was released as the album’s first single. “Dark Lady” became Cher’s third solo U.S. #1 hit.

4.      “I Got You Babe” 

 From the Album Look At Us.  Released 1965. Peaked at #1 for three weeks and was featured in the movie Groundhog Day.  Cher has said that she didn’t think it was one of Sonny’s best songs. But we know different!

3.  “Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves”

From the album Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves. Released 1971. Peaked at #1 for two weeks and nominated for a “Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal performance”. 

2.      “Believe”         

From the album Believe.  Released in 1998. Peaked at #1 for four weeks.         Believe earned Cher a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest female solo artist to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart and became the                   highest-selling single by a solo female artist in the United Kingdom. Overall, “Believe” has over 11 million copies worldwide.   

1.      “Half-Breed”

From the album of the same name. Released 1973. Peaked at #1 for two weeks. The song was the first international release from the album. The single was certified Gold in the U.S. for selling over one million copies.

At present, Cher’s loyal legion are eagerly awaiting her next album. For some, her music never disappoints. Well, after all, it’s Cher! At 73, she is still very much on top. And the beat goes on…

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