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This is a great in-depth piece on Disney Channel teen star, Demi Lovato. The New York Times really breaks down Lovato’s success and position among the other famous and more popular Disney Channel stars like Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers. It’s these type of stories that are essential to my line of work s a teen star editor.

(The New York Times)—The several thousand shrieking girls in the audience might not have noticed, but things weren’t going smoothly for Demi Lovato during her concert at the Prudential Center here last month. For the first few minutes, as she sang and pranced across the stage, not a sound came from her microphone. Later she flubbed lyrics on a few songs. On Ms. Lovato’s face, barely masked by the grin of the longtime pro, were persistent flashes of concern, discomfort and fear.

It was the night before her latest film, “Princess Protection Program,” was to make its debut on the Disney Channel, where Ms. Lovato, 16, is an ascendant star, the heiress apparent to the tween-pop crown.

But where in the not-too-distant past that would have meant she was an automaton of joy and relatability, Ms. Lovato is already proving to be far more intriguing, and far less predictable. MORE>>

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