WATCH: “Will & Grace”— The First Official Trailer For New Show Reboot!—VIDEO and Pics

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Joanne Grana

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The wait is over!  The first official trailer for the Will & Grace reboot is finally here. One word describes it, awesome. If you have wished you could see Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen break into song, at a moment’s notice again, your wish has been granted.

So, here’s the lowdown… The five and a half minute trailer begins with Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace (Debra Messing) leaving a meeting concerning the group reuniting for another season of their hit show which aired from 1998-2006. Grace is hesitant because she is afraid the magic they had is gone.
Grace gets teary-eyed when she and Will go back to back in their old apartment. The two arrive and find a tipsy Karen, (Megan Mullaly) happily enjoying drinks on the sofa.  When Jack shows up, with a handsome stranger, it is as if no time has passed and the group has never been apart. They spontaneously break into song about how easy it would be to get back together.
“Why everything’s as if we never said goodbye,” Karen sings.
Eric McCormack and Megan Mullally tweeted pics of the fun they had working together again.  The Will & Grace 12-episode revival kicks off this fall on NBC. Watch The Mac Wire for  more updates.
Check out the trailer below.


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