Why Bradley Cooper and Samuel L. Jackson Are Football Superfans

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With the Super Bowl set for next Sunday, this week’s Paradecover story turns the pregame, halftime and game-time spotlight on the most passionate, hard-core football fans, from celebrities such as Bradley Cooper and Samuel L. Jackson to fans (Frozen Tundra Man in Green Bay, BirdLady in Atlanta) made famous entirely for their home team passion. (Plus: Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Wings, people!)

Included in this FANtastic story: 

Bradley Cooper (Philadelphia Eagles) A lifelong fan, thanks to his late father, Charles, the A Star Is Born director and star says that during the Eagles–Dallas Cowboys NFC Championship in 1980, “we brought the TV into the kitchen so we wouldn’t miss anything.” 

Samuel L. Jackson (Atlanta Falcons) “I used to work in the old Atlanta-Fulton stadium selling french fries at the top when Tommy Nobis and Ernie Wheelwright were playing, so I’ve been a Falcons fan forever.” 

Ashton Kutcher (Chicago Bears) “I consider myself the 12th man. I’m a member of the team. I actually feel I should be on salary.” 

Hoda Kotb (New Orleans Saints) “I remember when the Saints were the ‘Ain’ts.’ They lost and lost. [Now] there’s only one team everyone needs to be rooting for.” 

Mark Wahlberg (New England Patriots) He loves quarterback Tom Brady so much that he put him in his movie Ted 2.

Eric Stonestreet (Kansas City Chiefs) “People that come over and chat during the game, I’m not interested in,” says the Modern Family star. “I like watching the game somewhere where I’m with like-minded people.”For more about Superfans, see Sunday’s Parade or go to Parade.com.

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