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In Honor of the 40th Anniversary,
“Woodstock Diary 1969: Friday Saturday Sunday”
Gets DVD Release on September 22

August 15th 1969 was a day that went down in popular music culture when nearly 500,000 people descended on the infamous site of Woodstock to listen to 26 now-legendary artists over a 3 day period.

Woodstock Diary 1969: Friday Saturday Sunday (Cover Art)Woodstock Diary 1969: Friday Saturday Sunday, featuring electrifying live footage performances of many of the bands and performers who appeared, is an enthralling “fly on the wall” documentary examining the creation of Woodstock, on its fortieth anniversary and of the actual three day event itself. It contains drama, humor, and even pathos, and recaptures those heady days of the hippie movement when young people really believed that they could change the world.

And yet incredibly this historic event almost never happened. A series of near-catastrophes conspired to derail the Woodstock Festival and but for the sheer perseverance and chutzpah of several key characters, the whole course of rock music could have been drastically different.

Woodstock Diary 1969: Friday Saturday Sunday features appearances from The Who with ‘My Generation’, Janis Joplingiving a heart-stopping rendition of “Ball & Chain”, Arlo Guthrieperforming Dylan’s “Walking Down The Line” and Tim Hardin’s tender reading of his own classic song “If I Were A Carpenter”.

Richie Havens, Sha Na Na, Incredible String Band, Jefferson Airplane, Sly and the Family Stone, Johnny Winter, Crosby Stills & Nash, Jo Cocker, Country Joe and The Fish and Jimi Hendrixalso turn in classic performances which have ensured that, while there have been subsequent attempts to imitate the event, the original electrifying Woodstock Festival has never been emulated.

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